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The Ovivo ® plow blade scraper clarifier is designed mainly for municipal wastewater treatment applications. It features grit and sludge removal via rake blades and efficient scum removal. This model can be used for primary or secondary clarification processes and is available in bridge or column supported clarifier designs.

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thickener tank EIMCO KCP Thickener tanks are constructed either from bolted / steel welded or concrete. Most of the chemical process industries prefer the steel tanks construction since they may be elevated above ground level, allow inspection of the tank's floor for leakages and bring the underflow slurry pumps nearer to the outlet of the ...

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FL's line of Dorr-Oliver and EIMCO sedimentation thickener and clarifier units employ principles of gravity settling and range in sizes from pilot models to as much as 600ft in diameter. They can be used in a variety of industrial applications such as mineral concentrates and tailings, pulp mill wastes, iron and steel mills, and in ...

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Poor solid-liquid separation functions can threaten the overall performance of your processing plant. With our efficient feed dilution and flocculation technology, we provide superior thickening performance in the form of better overflow clarity and higher underflow densities, while minimising your operating expenses.

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Application and Maintenance of Thickening Tank in Mining Ⅰ ... Although managing thickening tanks in normal operation is simple, it is very important for the plant. Thickening tanks are one of the important equipment. The use of thickening tanks for tailings dewatering is mainly the use of recycled water and the storage of tailings in the ...

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Inventory ID: 20K-HM01. 2 Units - DENVER CRB72-D Thickener Agitator mechanisms w/two 5 HP motors, previously used w/150' dia. tanks

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From Thickener Underflow Feed Tank Filter Feed Pump Vent To Thickener Drip Tray Drain and Filtrate from Open Discharge Filtrate Core Blow Separator TK102 Filter Press Hydraulic Power Unit Plate Wash Plate Wash Pump Minerals Processing Technology Center FL Salt Lake City, Inc. 7158 S. FL Dr. Midvale, UT 84047-5559 USA Tel: +1 801 871 ...

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Thickening Sludge increases digester capacity, reduces hauling costs and can be used as a pre-thickener to increase capacity of other dewatering equipment. Example: 192,000 gallons can be reduced to 13,440 gallons of sludge per day (0.5% to 7% solids at 400 gpm) The Parkson ThickTech™ Rotary Drum Thickener (RDT) is the

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The tank should therefore be cleaned regularly. Some operators schedule tank cleaning for fall to remove dead leaves. Clarifier Drive Maintenance Good drive maintenance requires attention to six things: • Condensate removal • Lubrication • Proper functioning of the torque control • Maintenance and/or replacement of reducer bearings and ...

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Jan 01, 2011· Each 10,000 m 2 of membrane area is assumed to demand one membrane tank, and it is preferred to have four or more membrane tanks to allow sufficient flexibility in operation and cleaning (Sections– A typical tank is rectangular, has …


Part B: Operation and Maintenance 5 - 2 CHAPTER 5: SLUDGE TREATMENT FACILITIES A gravity thickener is shown in Figure 5.1 Figure 5.1 Example of a gravity thickener Continuous flow tanks are deep circular tanks with central feed and overflow at the periphery. Better

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The sludge thickening system is designed to achieve flocculation with a minimal amount of expensive chemicals. The floc tank has tangential inlet and outlet openings to maximize flocculation by reducing shear from turbulence. This design creates a gentle swirl that combines the sludge with the polymer.

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from EIMCO® and Dorr-Oliver®. We work with you to address your specific process challenges that affect your thickener and clarifier selection. Traction thickeners on a tailings duty High-rate thickeners High-rate thickeners are designed to provide roughly 12 times the throughput of conventional machines of similar size. The key

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The green liquor clarifier is a settling tank used to remove dregs by sedimentation before the green liquor is recausticized as shown in Fig. 17.13.It can also serve as a storage tank for green liquor and should provide at least 12 h supply of green liquor. Since the mid-1960s, single-compartment clarifiers have been used in place of the older multicompartment clarifiers.

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Dorr-Oliver Eimco Thickeners & Clarifiers - FLzenith. of the thickener. Tanks can be in-ground, on-ground, or elevated. Available lifting de vic es offer additional flexibility of operation. High-capacity thickeners. Get Quote; Thickening - ANDRITZ GROUP

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Thickener technology upgrade delivers multiple benefits. Froth on thickeners - common issue. Froth on concentrate thickeners is a common issue faced by many sites. For every 2200 ppm and 75 m3/hr of overflow, approximately 4 tonnes per day of concentrate is either lost or recycled back into the operation.

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Thickening or dewatering may be defined as the removal of a portion of the liquid from a pulp or slime made up of a mixture of finely divided solids and liquids. The early methods of thickening employed plain, flat-bottomed tanks into which the pulp was fed until the tank was full. The solids were then allowed to settle as long as required, the top liquid was decanted, the settled solids were ...


A brief history of Dorr-Oliver. The Dorr-Oliver brand has a history stretching back almost a hundred years to a time when Dorr and Oliver were two separate companies.. Founded in 1904, the Dorr Company's initial focus was on solving processing difficulties in gold milling, but they quickly expanded into other industries on the back of successful innovations such as the reciprocating rake ...

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• Understand the fundamental mechanisms of how settling-thickening tanks function. • Have an overiew of potential advantages and disadvantages of operating a settling-thickening tank. • Know the appropriate level of operations, maintenance and monitoring necessary to achieve solids-liquid separation in settling-thickening tanks.

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Thickener tanks may be constructed either from steel or concrete and may reach diameters of 120 meters and in earthen basins up to 180 meters. Most of the chemical process industries prefer the steel tanks construction since they may be elevated above ground level, allow inspection of the tank's floor for leakages and bring the underflow slurry ...

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FLOTATION THICKENER LABOR REQUIREMENTS Thickener surface Labor, hr/yr area, sq ft 11 21 53 105 210 520 Operation 215 320 550 840 1,300 2,200 Maintenance 260 350 540 750 1,050 1,600 Total 475 670 1,090 1,590 2,350 3,800 MONITORING ^PORTION OF PLANT EFFLUENT POLYMER FEED AIR DISSOLUTION TANK AIR FEED THICKENED SLUDGE SLUDGE INFLUENT J- SU -v ...

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McLanahan 60 ft. Thickener. Manufacturer: Mclanahan MGB & Company. Used McLanahan 60' diameter thickener, 17'-7" tank depth; includes 38'-7" water tank, pumps and controls; Working when the plant shut down.

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the availability of our Dorr-Oliver, Eimco and Wemco flotation machines. Our flotation mechanisms can be removed for maintenance without process interruption. Maintenance is minimized cutting down on availability loss due to failure. On our SmartCell models, rotors are located in an elevated position enabling, ease of start-

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EIMCO Water Technologies' history dates back to the creation of two pioneers and leaders in water and wastewater treatment: The Dorr Co (founded in 1865) and Oliver United Filter (founded in 1915) merged to become Dorr-Oliver. Eastern Iron and Metal Corporation (founded in 1884) renamed EIMCO Process Equipment Company in the 1930s.

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Thickeners and clarifiers use slowly rotating rake arms to separate solid particulate. A liquid feed with suspended solids is fed into a tank with a diameter of 5 to 500 feet. As the particles settle, angled rake arms move the concentrated slurry toward the center of the tank, where it is removed.

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Many thickener installations operate with water recovery below design limits largely through conservative control and low prioritization of thickener optimization. The operation of the thickener must accommodate fluctuations – control for disturbances – in the process feed stream to deliver a clear overflow and thickened underflow.

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Metallurgical ContentThickening In CyanidationSlime LayersThickener SegregationFollow OrdersA Few Other PointsIsland FormationHow to Operate a Grinding CircuitHow to Operate a Flotation CircuitThickener Operating Instructions Running a thickener properly isn't as easy as it looks. True enough, a thickener doesn't make a racket like a ball mill, or spew out froth like a flotation machine ...

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Used Thickeners for sale. Eimco equipment & more | Machinio. valve mill process presentation filter thickener machine Thickening Resource Book Thickening Thickening Definition Continuous thickening by an operation called sedimentation is the separation of suspended solid particles from a liquid stream by gravity settling. Click Here